Life is a journey and LifeMoves coaching blog is for people who desire to maximize their lives, to live their dreams and achieve their life goals.

Life Coaching is new to many, yet it is leading the way in behavioral science to champion the belief that within each of us are the tools and strategies necessary be who we know we were meant to be.

The role of coaching is to uncover and unlock these possibilities.  Taking the first step to make a coaching appointment can take enormous courage.  The irony is that the same symptoms which make us feel ‘stuck’ in life’s circumstances make it hard for people to have the confidence to make change.   But my experience is that people never regret learning skills that help them improve the quality of their lives.

It is a bit like early morning ocean swims in winter, a friend of mine once said, “You never feel like it when you are about to step in, but you never regret it afterward – it invigorates your day”.

Check out this 2 minute info clip from YouTube:

By Smith Leadership

By Erickson International